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AIT Plastic resins is a hybrid form of polyester resin which has been toughened with epoxy molecules within the main molecular structure. AIT resins offers better resistance to moisture absorption than regular polyester resins. Gelcoat - provides high impact strength, excellent gloss, it is water resistance and helps prevent blisters from forming after laying the fiberglass mat.
Checkout or collection of wide bodykit it will Increasing the wheel track width through spacers and wide body kits enhance the cars cornering ability you will have a better handling and control of your vehicle Your car will have an unique and sick looks ! "Wider is better!". It is also a good way to increase your points in a car show ! So go ahead and check out our styles and models.
And If you are tired or scare of damaging your brand new body kit by buying weak material such as ABS Plastic then it's time to switch to real Polyurethane. It is ultra durable and wont crack or break. It basically will last you forever. Our Polyurethane is not only super resistant but it is also more flexible it can bend without cracking or breaking. Polyurethane body kits have a perfect fitment, it doesn't require any modification. And it is lightweight !

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